Live TV

Swig Media has the resource in place, all in-house, to enable any producer or distributor with a library of special interest content, or with a target market population to launch, stream, distribute and monetize 24/7 linear TV channels. The Company’s proprietary, cloud based, programming / playout tool, with features to meet Cable TV standards, has been empowered with smart tool which minimize tasks to drag and drop, and skills which can be learned in a couple of hours.

Channel placement on Swig Global Entertainment, is an immediate option, but only a starting point as the channels’ streaming provider, we are equally invested to make the channel available as broadly and on as many platforms as possible. Monetization includes all possible options, which includes remote targeted ad insertion.

Following are examples of channels launched since January 2018, which are all live and available globally on select platforms ranging from Cable TV to all-screens on connected devices globally. We welcome live channel related inquiries.