SwigStream is Next Generation Video Streaming of VOD and Live video to all platforms from CableTV and Satellite backends, Cinemas to mobile handheld devices in  HD, 4K, HDR, 360° and VR all in pristine video quality. Fastest starts and no buffering even in trick-play (jumping ahead or back on VOD) and 4K.  You must see it to appreciate it.


ChanAll (www.chanall.tv)

Simple to use authoring online service with broadcast TV features. Launch, program, manage 24/7 live channels. Drop/Drag tools to mix VOD, Live, AD and Promotional assets to deliver live TV channels to any platform

SwigLive (www.SwigLive.com)

Delivers the highest quality live video online along with the lowest latency in the industry, going Glass-to-Glass in 15-seconds. Change the channel, and the new stream starts instantly.

Beyond Simple Streaming

Interactive and immersive. Deliver pristine multisceen experience (live feeds or VOD content) with mosaic selections, all sychronized and timestaped. Go beyond 360° to offer True End-User Camera Angle Switching (while audio is uninterrupted) or stitch to create TruVR with highest video quality and lowest latency.


Swig Media offers the first Comprehensive Digital Distribution in the marketplace that combines immediate inclusion on Swig Global Entertainment ( Swig TV www.swig.tv -accessible in every screen globally) – but that is only a starting point! Unlike Netflix, Amazon, and others, Swig Distribution ‘s agenda is to optimize monetization to our clients by making their content available on as many 3rd party media destinations as possible which can include Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Roku , and all delivery platforms from mobile devices, tablets, computers, Smart TV to Cable TV back-ends and even direct to Digital Cinemas.

Product Information Destinations

  • ChanAll.tv: Cloud-based, end-end, 24/7 channel programming and streaming (CableTV, Satellite & OTT)
  • SwigLive.com: Live streaming services
  • Swigit.com: The first social network propelled distribution solution for launching and distributing individual films, access to live events, and promotions.
  • Swig4k.com

Swig Global Entertainment (Swig TV)  is available on all connected devices and All Screens; online at www.swig.tv,  SWIG TV App at Google Play , Amazon Play and is factory installed selectively by the following Smart TV and OTT manufactures. and others,