Faster Starts

Faster video Startup Time
(under 2S)

No Buffering

Un-interupted High Bit Rate
delivery(no Buffering)


Actually live Streaming
(lowest latency in industry)


Cloude Infrastructure that
automatically scales

TrueQ Engine

The heart of SwigStream™ is the TrueQ Engine which publishes the video files to the TrueEdge caching layer. The engine distributes the video to the TrueEdge nodes with high-efficiency that enables us to minimize latency and network congestion.

In a traditional CDN, this handoff is a bottleneck that causes high video start times, increased buffering, and higher latency on Live video.


The secret to SwigStream™ cache is that TrueCache stores the entire video. If the entire video file is on the same server, the odds of continuously serving an un-interrupted stream of the highest bit rate rendition is significantly higher. Furthermore, TrueCache is built on cloud infrastructure, enabling a infinite edge to handle large scale events.

Legacy delivery systems operate on a transparent caching; this relies on the 80/20 rule where 80% of the traffic is requesting 20% of the files (popular content). Because of capacity constraints, these systems can only store chunks of a video and this doesn’t address the challenge of video time (length). The result is low cache-hit rates. And the bottleneck between the origin and edge servers causes high video start times, increased buffering, and higher latency on Live video.


TrueBalancer is the central nervous system of SwigStream™. It knows where all the video files are cached. It continuously monitors the health and capacity of all the nodes on TrueEdge. And it handles all the player requests.

The complete SwigStream™ Video Streaming Network© is built exclusively over cloud infrastructure, that eliminates the need for legacy physical ‘edge servers’ which are still relied upon by all CDNs. Consequently, the TrueBalancer can direct TrueEdge to scale up to handle flash crowds in milliseconds to ensure superb video quality (even with fast action videos) and a stable, consistently peerless end-user experience.